Our architecture/ design is always generated from the act of human occupation and use. The spaces we create are always arrived at from the experience of occupying; through the quality and variance of light, the reference to other spaces and the directness of view, the ability to adapt and the patterns of erosion in materials and memories.
The studio’s approach and working method is to constantly seek out an appropriate and authentic architectural solution.

TBA School

Located in Kaul, Kaithal, Haryana, the ‘Brahmanand Academy’ school project is part of the vision of Mr. Rajbir Dabur, who has aim to set the stage for a better educational infrastructure of the country, the symmetrical building comprises several brick blocks connected by an accessible raw concrete roof and concentrated around a courtyard lit with sunlight.


Residence 449

The combination of natural simple materials and well-lit ventilated spaces is the perfect recipe for a serene, beautiful home. This home proves that rustic charm can co-exist with sophisticated elegance.



A south facing entrance has been aesthetically crafted in this warehouse to add significance without occupying more space or by compromising on natural light and ventilation.


Residence 16A

The house is designed with prime focus on landscape. This is a climate oriented house plan. It has a summer and a winter garden. Here the plan forms 'Z'. Thus it creates two garden spaces on south and north side.


7S Residence

This house is based on the ideology of form follows function. It is seen reflected in the sharp lines, which forms the characteristic language of the house. It executes the spaces and functions at its best by amalgamation of Technology and Architectural Features.