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Interior Design

We provide an exclusive comprehensive interior design. When designing a design project, we will take into account all the features of the object - architecture, location, views from the windows and illumination.

We believe that interior design should be such that even after many years it remains relevant, thoughtful and fresh. It doesn't matter what style the interior is made in - what matters is good taste, thoughtful layout, excellent functionality and ergonomics.

We work with any style direction, but we do it without resorting to templates and try to bring our own unique flavor to each project.

Residence 449

This minimalistic wonder has an ethereal quality, which is amplified by the application of more white and less color. We love how the room is layered with a spectrum of brown hues and motley white textural surfaces.


Pharma Office

The company required a fresh new space that would go hand in hand with the new direction that the brand was moving towards. The color scheme primarily consists of black and white to further enhance the industrial aesthetics, whilst pops of color, incorporated into furniture and floor, refine the design.

2020-03-19_Dir Room-01_Render-04_edited.jpg

Residence 16A

The neutral tone of the kitchen lends it a classic and luxurious appeal. The parallel kitchen has multiple cabinets on both sides that enhances the storage capacity. The patterned backsplash not only adds to the design but also protects the walls from stains and moisture.


TC Sweet Shop

TC Sweet Shop is the primary retail outlet of a prominent traditional sweets and savory manufacturer, based in Panipat. The project involved the renovation of their pre-existing building’s facade and interior.

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