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one stop solution for all your construction needs.

at Nitya Designs, we'll take all your wishes into account to design the area of your dreams and make the design so good, you'll always want to return.

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your space deserves great design!

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We can create, build, and manage

your most precious asset - home.

We ‘care’ for the jobs we get. Our primary motivation is to create something that we feel proud of.
No matter how big, or how small it is, quality and dedication are what really count. Developing a new project is a great start. Choosing the right design strategy for it to bloom is the next step. Luckily, that happens to be one of our fortes!


we're your partner 

not a contractor

We believe that good designing and effective solutions require more than being a service provider.
It requires being a 'partner'. It requires listening to the client, understanding needs, pro-actively questioning opportunities and doing all those with genuine care. That’s how much we do for you.

Historical Building

we make design that works!

our creations serve a purpose

We come up with tailor-made, turn-key solutions to make your design stand out. We don’t offer ideas that we haven’t tested on ourselves. We truly love what we do and ‘designing right’ is our obsession. Once you have such passion for your job, you are all transparent and honest for its sake.

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We can relieve you

from price and margin pressures.

Today, customers have many choices. Maybe too many… When they face a plethora of alternatives, they usually chose the one that offers the most value. We can help you understand what value really means, and then deliver it in fashion!


our happy clients say about us

"Working with Nitya team was a breeze!

I was so pleased to find a team of designers who actually wanted to follow my design brief and provide the perfect design for my house. Vishaan sir was like an angel sent from heaven; nothing was too much trouble. I am so thankful I chose to use Nitya Buildesign!"

-M.L. Singla, Residence 16A

Residence 671
Residence 449
Residence 16A
Residence 449
Residence 833
Residence 449
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